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Разъемы быстрого соединения медицинских газов


Quick connectors for medical gas distribution
(oxygen — DIN connection for oxygen)
Manufacturer DZ Medicale s.r.l (Italy)
Model PRES01D

Quick connectors for medical gases are manufactured in Italy by DZ Medicale.

They participate in the distribution of medical oxygen and transportation to the end users.

According to the function of the facility, medical oxygen is supplied to the medical staff’s workstation or to the patient’s bedside via wall and ceiling brackets fitted with quick gas connectors.

The PRES01D medical connector is user-friendly, dependable and durable, and has been tested many times by healthcare facilities around the world. It is compatible with all types of compression and intensive care equipment, allowing patients to be helped quickly in emergencies.

Quick connectors for medical gases are available PRES01D in the stock of our company. We supply throughout all over the world/

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Turnkey medical gas supply

Integra-Rus LLC performs a thorough analysis of the needs of a hospital, designs and manufactures a medical gas supply system specifically tailored to the specific tasks.

Advantages of Oxygen Generation

Security and easy maintenance, autonomous operation, gas quality and cost savings are the main benefits of using oxygen concentrators

Equipment operation

The operation and maintenance of Oxygen Generating Units is straightforward.

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