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компрессор медицинский


Medical two-cylinder with 110 liters of storage and 2 4VR and fine cleaning filter.
Manufacturer Ekom (Slovakia)
Model DK50 2X4VR/110/M

EKOM production DK50 2x4VR/110/M meatless medical compressor is a single source of meatless, clean compressed air to power dental equipment and devices. Ekom DK50 2x4VR/110/M compressor has a 110 l air receiver with optimal technical dimensions and parameters, which makes it very suitable for servicing dental laboratories.

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DK50 2x4VR/110/M
Number of dental units 8+
Rated voltage 3×400в/ 50 гц
Motor power 2×2,2 kW
Compressor capacity (operating pressure 6-8 bar) 430 l/min-1/6 bar
Compressor capacity (operating pressure 8-10 bar) 330 l/min-1/8 bar
Air tank capacity 110 L
Operating mode S1-100%
Air dryness atmospheric dew point -20 ° C
Noise level ≤ 77 dB [A]
Weight * 158 kg
Dimensions 1210x675x830 mm

Turnkey medical gas supply

Integra-Rus LLC performs a thorough analysis of the needs of a hospital, designs and manufactures a medical gas supply system specifically tailored to the specific tasks.

Advantages of Oxygen Generation

Security and easy maintenance, autonomous operation, gas quality and cost savings are the main benefits of using oxygen concentrators.

Equipment operation

The operation and maintenance of Oxygen Generating Units is straightforward.

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    компрессор медицинский